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Desire, Love and Death

Three technicians are preparing the set for the concert and checking that everything is perfect for the performance. Three technicians who love Wagner and Lizt’s music and who dream of being concert players someday. But no. That is so difficult, so far away. They are just technicians. But what happens if we cross the barrier of prejudice and let music speak?

“Desire, love and death” opens the door to the universe of Wagner and Lizt and brings it down to earth: heavenly music for earthly spirits. Through humor and poetry, the three interpreters take us on a beautiful path through music that takes us from the superhuman to the mundane, from the spiritual to the carnal, from love to abandonment, from passion to tranquility, from life to death.

“Desire, love and death” is a concert with the freshness and the courage it takes to bring lyrical music to everyone.

“Desire, love and death”, sit the gods at our table to share music, laughter and emotion.

“Desire, love and death” is a concert for everyone, because the music belongs to everyone.

Love's Philosophy

Love is the most powerful feeling a human being can experience. There are as many ways to experience love as there are different people, and all those ways to express it have found their place in literature and music. In this musical journey we recreate these feelings through the inspiration of great composers.

Thus, you can experience passionate and sexual love connected to the exuberance of nature (“Ein Traum“, “Love’s philosophy”), the ecstasy of solitude brought by the memory of the loved one (“Die Sterne“, “Varen“, “Zdes khorosho“), the sadness that comes with the lack of love (“Otchevo”), the helplessness on the death of the loved one (“Majas Dolorosas“), the fullness of the feeling of love (“Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal“), the loneliness of nostalgic love (“Sure on this Shining Night“), the memory of a past love that reminds us the flow of life and its ending (“No por amor, no por tristeza“), the sexual desire towards the loved person (“Cuando tan hermosa os miro“,”Del cabello más sutil”, “Coplas”) and the remembrance of life and the physical sensations of love when death nears (“Vida Garfio“).

De España Vengo

There is a rich tradition of classical music in Spain, and its composers have enriched this legacy with their own style. Moreover, the importance of this style has inspired composers beyond our borders. The music we present in this program includes two of the genres most cultivated by our composers: zarzuela and the concert song.

Zarzuela is the lyrical and scenic art most typical of Hispanic culture: a popular genre made of instrumental, vocal and spoken parts. Its name comes from the Palacio de la Zarzuela, a royal palace located near Madrid that housed a theater where the first zarzuelas were performed. It is the Spanish equivalent of the “Opéra comique“, the “Singspiel” and the “Operetta“.

The Spanish concert song gathers its melodic and rhythmic elements from the popular and the Hispanic-Arab music tradition. The centuries-spanning presence of the Arabs in Spain has greatly enriched its musical legacy, endowing it with unique and recognizable features.

For this program, we have selected the following pieces by some of the most iconic composers our land has brought.

Sons de Llevant​​

Valencia is one of the places in Spain with a stronger and longer musical tradition.

Manuel Palau, Vicent Garcés, Vicent Asencio, Consuelo Colomer, Vicent Roncero, Armando Blanquer, Manuel Asins Arbó, Matilde Salvador, among others, have rich song or lied material, as well as lesser-known chamber music to explore of great artistic quality.

Our concert proposal offers a fairly significant sample of this material, adapted to the particularities of our formation, in order to spread the wealth of Valencian musical and poetic heritage.


The pieces we have chosen for this project reproduce the inspiring atmosphere that appears when we enter that magical state called “the witching hour”. The melodies reflect and transmit the stillness and magic of this moment.

All this music tells passionate love stories, tinted by the images of this magical moment: sunset, the night full of stars, the moon: the AZULÃO bird traveling, capturing the essence of the inspiring moment.

Sublim Plaer

Sublim Plaer is a concert with Opera as the great protagonist: a selection of opera arias and duets for soprano and mezzo-soprano.

We invite you on a journey through the great scenes and moments of the opera accessible to all kinds of audience in chamber music format.


The ego in art plays a determining role, often being the engine that fuels creativity and genius but also leading to frustration, selfishness, isolation and dehumanization.

This proposal is the result of a creative process by three interpreters (voice, piano and cello), three composers and an actress. It is a semi-scenic journey from the intellect to the purely physical part of the music.